hi, friends! <3

hey, i'm veles.

thank you for visiting! this is my first site (second, if you count the one i made in school (but you really shoudn't)), so i'm learning! it's so fun to learn new things. anyway, i started this on december 22, 2022.

this site is currently on hold for development! because life is hard and complicated. i'll continue working on it sometime in spring! i have so many things to share and i cannot wait to share them. remember: we're on this earth to feel joy and relax and be very very weird.

i'm trying my best to get the site to be responsive but it's still wacky, so it's better viewed on a pc.


  • 22/12/22: all pages are up with no content
  • 24/12/22: podcasts page done
  • 25/12/22: blog page done
  • 27/12/22: change in pages
  • 28/12/22: links page done
  • 04/01/23: pictures page done
  • 06/01/23: each entry has its own page now
  • 14/01/23: moved changelog to home