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entry #3 — "bodies/death"

january 9, 2023, 1.58pm

i've found some similarities in songs i listened to, so here i've gathered lyrics that touch on the topic of bodies, nature + death.

"i belong bodily to the earthi'm just wearing old bones from those who came firstthere are many more flames when mine is gonethey will build me no shrines and sing me no songs"

— lord huron,

"way out there"

"on a long hike throughblue ridge mountainsi can feel the earthovertake my skinand i realize noneof this matters'cause I will returnto dust and matter"

— moses sumney,


"lying here among the flowersi can rest my weary bonesin the earth with my belovedi have found my final home"

— the mechanisms,

"elysian fields"

"'cause you've been too busy thinking aheadof where we're all going after we're deadto maybe consider our bodies are worthmore than the dust that we can returnto the ground againwe turn that old wheel round again"

— the oh hellos,


"we'll lay here for years or for hoursyour hand in my hand, so still and discreetso long, we'd become the flowerswe'd feed well the land and worry the sheep"

— hozier,

"in a week"


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