links to expand your horizons

here's my collection of interesting links on various topics!

libraries browse academic articles.

internet archive well we all know this one.

directory of open access journals browse academic journals & articles.

MET museum offers free books on art.

perseus digital library free ancient books.

project gutenberg free books.

smithsonian open access so much stuff to use, all free!


coursera offers free courses.

edx free courses.

futurelearn offers free courses.

khan academy y'all know about this.

MIT learning library free educational content.

MIT OpenCourseWare free courses with practice assignments.

the open university free courses.


audacity open source audio software.

audiotool online music studio.

IMSLP free classical sheet music library.

musescore sheet music making sofware & free sheet music.

soundation online music studio.


bitsy make little games.

gb studios drag-and-drop game maker. indie games.

ren'py visual novel software.

twine make twines!


a huge folder with books on many languages.

sign language dictionary has many languages available.

wordhippo find synonyms.


art books.

center for jewish art.

masterpost of reference sites.

queer archives

the following resources were gathered by @lesbotan on tumblr. the collection of leslie feinberg works was put together by @genderoutlaws.

a collection of audre lorde’s poetry

anything that moves

dykes to watch out for

glbt historical society

how to survive a plague

lgbtq digital collaboratory

new york public library lgbtq archives

one archives

paris is burning

screaming queens

the arquives

the bi woman’s quarterly [1] [2]

the bisexual manifesto

the digital transgender archives

the dyke march compilation

the lesbian herstory archives

the oral history project from act up

the queer zine archive

the samuel proctor oral history project

the transgender archives of the university of victoria

united in anger: a history of act up

leslie feinberg works: transgender liberation (1992), stone butch blues (1993), transgender warriors (1996), trans liberation: beyond pink or blue (1999), drag king dreams (2006), lavender & red (2004–2008), rainbow solidarity: in defense of cuba.

queer/gender studies a big folder with resources.


there is ableism at the heart of your oppression article.

bullshit jobs article.

1649 english communist manifesto.


mary oliver reads from her books "a thousand mornings".

"music for a while" a great introduction to baroque music.

nålebinding ancient knitting technique.

online photoshop.

soulseek file-sharing sofware.

30-day yoga journey.

watch movies & shows

flixtor is best for new releases.

watch documentaries for free!


"the library" google drive.

subreddit on free media.

subreddit on piracy.