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i'm not really in a habit of taking pictures, so there isn't all that much. mostly pets for now, but soon i hope to add some pretty pictures from exploring!

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beloved pets

cat whose name is cat! or, to be more precise, kot! officially named barsik/bars, nobody really calls him that since he's the only cat in the house and my one true companion whom i love so so very much <3 he was my first pet, only mine. picked him up on june 2 of 2012 and he's been blessing my life ever since. now that he's older he really likes to cuddle.

breed: ragdoll

born: may 2, 2012

michaiah, or micha, came to us in february of 2020. he was kept in a cage for the first three months of his life and was scared of everything. now he's a big boy who loves to be carried around! (in my arms specifically).

breed: russian toy terrier

born: ca. november 2019

having had been sold several times owner to owner he finally came to us and my mom fell in love instantly. i first saw him in the back of a car on may 15 of 2016. he's super sweet and likes to sleep in (my) warm bed! i walk him two times a day and my mom walks him once more. he has several warm costumes he wears in the colder half of the year.

breed: chinese crested

born: october 30, 2015

the first dog to ever enter our household on march 24 of 2016. my mom found her somewhere, so melly's very loyal to her! she's very angry at everything, as small dogs usually are, and trembles a lot when her mom's not around. her love language is cleaning other doggies' eyes! and she loves it when i do it to her, too ;)

breed: toy terrier

born: january 27, 2016

astrid, daughter of louis, came to us in april of 2019. she's very specific about how and when people touch her. she really loves my dad and used to spend her time with him, but since he moved out she found a nice substitute in me. a bit too eager to go outside and always barks at everything that moves!

breed: spitz

born: march 17, 2019

[pronounced 'ye-vah] my mom's friend was throwing her out because she, um. well, uh she devoured another dog's puppies. oops? well anyway. she's with us now and very desparate for bits of attention. ever since coming here she entered a weird, jealousy-driven codependent relationship with melly. not sure what that's all about.

breed: chinese crested

born: ca. 2016

here's a bit of a "funny" story with this guy. at first, we bought a female parrot, named valentine, or valya. however, she was lonely and needed a friend, so we brought her one, of the same breed. a few days later she passes away, leaving us with the male parrot who was subsequently also named valentine to keep things simple. he was a beautiful singer who liked to sing along to my piano playing. he didn't like to be manhandled and leave his cage.

breed: cockatiel

born: ca. 2018

died: november 2022

my grandmother's goat who made me love goats as animals. he was very silly and goofy, running around, jumping on stuff and generally causing chaos. he really liked when i took him on walks and petted him. unfortunately, he got sick.

breed: i forgot :( it was a mix though

born: december 2021

died: june 2022

my mom decided to acquire this wonderful little thing in november of 2022 and named him gosha. well okay then! he's still getting used to everything so he's a bit shy, but he likes to crawl around in his cage and to run around and explore when he's out of it!

breed: four-toed hedgehog

born: 2021

old boy louis came to me in spring–summer of 2017. he likes to just kind of lie around and chill. in 2021 we gave him away to my other set of grandparents cause they were lonely, and he lives there lavishly.

breed: pomeranian spitz

born: january 13, 2013

bonya, or boniface. originally offered to us, this good lad resides with my grandparents (the same ones who had the goat, but not louis). he has his own armchair at their house and takes his walks all by himself! he's really excited when we visit because he loooves my scratches (i can see that they hit just right). many of my relatives consider him scary, but i've never had any trouble and we get along great!

breed: english spaniel

born: august 15, 2013

shiva, a recent addition to my grandparents' house! he was acquired for the purpose of hunting mice, and the way i hear it, he's doing just fine. on new year's we spent much time together and got more friendly! very excited to see him again.

breed: maine coon

born: february 2022

an array of photos of the animals together!

honorable mentions of pets whose photos i no longer possess: bunny asya (died of old age), cat schwartz (ran away), cat angelica (was a sick rescue. she didn't live long), dog rex (my great-grandmother's dog, deep from my childhood), parrot valentine (yes, we had two parrots of the same breed with the same name — female and male. the girl valentine came first and we brought her a mate, but she passed soon after. so we were left with boy valentine).

not beloved pets

nothing here yet.